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We are crowdsourcing worldwide:
Tips and tricks
from twin parents to twin parents

Help other families coping with twins - contribute to the largest crowsourced book ever on twin matters.

As a mother of identical twins, two boys born 1990, I know all too well about expecting twins, raising them and solving lots of challenges on the run.

I was longing for practical tips and trick from someone, who had been in exactly the same situation, and listened carefully every time I met another twin family.
Seven years ago, I started collecting these tips and trick from Danish twin parents. More than 200 tips and tricks were compiled and screened and turned into a book, published in a special edition to the Danish Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik at the 1 year birthday of their third and fourth child, Vincent and Josephine.

The book was later published for Danish readers and is tremendously popular. An invaluable book with great help from all of twin parents to all of twin parents.

Now we are creating an English version - we are crowdsourcing our hard earned lessons into a new book, this time in English, a book to help others in the same situation.

You can contribute by submitting your best tips and tricks at his homepage.
Every submission will be followed by your name, town and country, so you can identify your own contribution and get to know twin parents from all over the world, maybe just a few miles away..

All you have to do is click here and post your advice in the form.
Find a picture that illustrates your tip, and submit it too.
Wait for the book is published!
Read more about the background of the book

What´s in it for you?
First and foremost - you are helping others !
you will get a free ebook, if your tip is included in the book.
We are creating the e-book when we have + 200 different tips and tricks.
The book will also be available as Print on demand.

You will have:
- A list of invaluable advice and tips from twin parents
- Tips sorted and grouped by theme and age
- Tips edited by professional writers
- Tips you will not find in general books on children
- Tips you'd never have thought of
- Tips at hand when you need them
- Tips from other parents who have tried it all on their own body
- Also useful for the triplet and quadruplet families

- the fun and personal stories behind the 10 selected submitters

Finally someone is listening to you:
How miserable it is not to be able to share a brilliant invention or share how you have solved a big problem, that you know, other twin parents are struggling with!
Finally, here comes the opportunity to share your knowledge, so others can benefit from your tips, practical advice and perhaps hard-earned experience.
Let us hear both practical, DIY handy(wo)man-tips as advice on parenting and identity formation.
There are thousands of twin parents waiting for YOUR tip.

Thank you for contributing

Abelone Glahn
Danish Twin Mother, journalist and author and

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About is an independent informative site. Established in 1999 and run by the journalist and twin mother Abelone Glahn

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